Kibanova(c) 2013, copic and watercolor

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"Sometimes I forget that the world is on fire."

—Ying-tai, Zozimus (via kibanova)

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Icon change

For those that go by icon and not name— I know it happens

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Gabriel from spn <3 copic markers, for my sweet den galling me get through a bad week * hugs*

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Me + Season 9

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PLEASE HELP i will be making an emergency commissions post soon because i need help


i just walked into my basement to find hundreds of dollars worth of art supplies that i absolutely need destroyed, falling apart, and covered in mold from a sudden leak in my basement which came from a pipe in the basement floor =/

it was shit ton of high quality canson & strathmore paper for…


I’m fighting a super virus. 2 weeks.

I’m gunna be straight with you, son. I’m loosing this war.

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"It was the second I realized I had been in love with you all along."

—Sung-Rhee (via kibanova)

End!verse wip I was working on, I don’t remember if I’ve loaded this before? Acrylic on paper

A good close up of the Dean Take Me Home Bottle that sold at AX.

He had glow in the dark stars and a tombstone sob

More Castiels I sketched and a close up of the cas print from AX

bamf-castiel — oh noooo thank youuuuh sob

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Some pictures of prints I was selling :)


Sketch at demitasse cafe in LA little Tokyo.

I study there alot, bussing from Pcc to get the tasty lemon ginger latte.

I miss being a demitasse all the time,

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